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Comfortable and relaxing, Ufford Park Woodbridge, Hotel, Golf & Spa has everything you could possibly wish for – and more. Set in 120 acres of historic parkland in Suffolk’s most beautiful, peaceful countryside, our premier hotel is just minutes from the county’s heritage coast and a mere ten miles from Ipswich.

Our Adventure Golf Course is finally here

Have you heard that Ufford has an adventure golf course? We've just finished the final bits so we’re ready for you! In fact, we opened the doors right on schedule!!

Are you wondering what Adventure Golf is? Well, the simple way of explaining it, think of the crazy golf that you'd find at the Seaside, but without the broken benches, dirty water fountain and rickety flooring.

In fact, our course is nothing like the crazy golfing with your friends on the sea front! Honestly, it's looking amazing for everyone to love and enjoy… it’s made for friends, families and children to use, whenever you like. 

We have built the course so that people can do everything from a family day out, right down to local businesses who only want to have fun with their team members.

Better still, you can enjoy all the hospitality that Ufford Park offers; bar snacks, coffee or beer in the Park Bar, Sunday lunch, Afternoon tea; even breakfast if you’re after an early tee-off time!

So let’s cut to the chase, what do we have at the course, that will make it so unique, nothing like you've ever seen before??

  • The course has 18 holes spread over 1800 square metres!
  • You’ll need a raft to get to the first hole, and yes, we supply one!
  • We have a small plane, jeep and 55 tonnes of feature rocks to work around
  • An actual plane on one section of the course, yes, a real plane!
  • A temple has been thrown in for good measure
  • Lots and lots of sounds all over the course
  • We have over 14 animals to get in your way (features)
  • Dinosaurs, not real ones
  • We have a volcano that’s going to be over 2.3 metres tall
  • A lot of water, in fact, we have over seven pumps spread all over the lagoon sections
  • A T-Rex that's over 11 feet tall!!
  • We’ve even thrown in a Brachiosaurus that’s over 5m tall

What about the stuff you won't see or know about while playing your game?

  • We've spent over two years worth of man hours, just with planning the course
  • Over 1km of electrical wires, all underground
  • 650 tonnes of aggregates
  • The wood for the raft is imported from Sweden
  • 55 tonnes of granite, one section is over 1m metre tall and weighs over 3 tonnes
  • We have lots of Oak, imported directly from Poland

So there you have it, and we’ve only just finished the course. We will continue to bring you updates so you can share in the fun on our Facebook page.

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