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Comfortable and relaxing, Ufford Park Woodbridge, Hotel, Golf & Spa has everything you could possibly wish for – and more. Set in 120 acres of historic parkland in Suffolk’s most beautiful, peaceful countryside, our premier hotel is just minutes from the county’s heritage coast and a mere ten miles from Ipswich.

Ever wondered what the bees are up to?

The Buzz has subsided to a gentle Hummmmmm…………….

The Ufford Park bees are now enjoying a well earned rest.  With summer starting as early as March last year the girls had a very long season. That coupled with their move from Eyke to Ufford, 2011 was a very exciting year for them.

The bees have been treated against mites called Varroa with Thymovar.  This consists of cellulose strips each containing 15g of Thymol, a phenol naturally found in thyme essential oil, widely used as food flavouring and in cosmetics.  They have also been given some delicious Ambrosia syrup to store, to help them through the winter months reducing the risk of starvation.

During the winter, the bees will form a cluster to keep warm. Any bees that leave the cluster run the risk of being exposed to cold air in the hive which could result in death. Therefore the only possible movement for the bees is on masse, moving as a ball through the hive, generally upwards towards the winter store of food.

Roll on the spring……………………….

Sandy Sutch
Ufford Park Hotel

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