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Externally Motivated or Internally Driven?

In sport, as with other aspects of life and business, the leaders may react to external factors but will be driven by an internal desire to be better than your competition.

Are you or your business constantly ‘reacting’ to the ever changing environment or do you drive your business forward, comfortable in the knowledge that you have a good product or service that can benefit other individuals or companies.

To become the top in any sport will require the athlete to dedicate themselves to the process of constant improvement in all areas, driven by an internal need to be better than the rest.

This will see them actively researching any aspect that may help them to perform at their best, be that – diet and nutrition, practice techniques and drills, psychological help as well as developing their body to be more physically astute to move at its most efficient.

Are you doing the same with your business?

Do you – keep yourself up to date with the latest innovations within your industry, set regular S.M.A.R.T. goals, review and reflect on all of your procedures on a regular basis, constantly strive to improve what you offer to your customers?

If the answer is YES, then you are driving yourself and your business forward. If NO, then you may be “firefighting” from one challenge to the next without really taking full advantage of your own Unique Selling Points.

Although it is tough in the market place at the moment, those that are driven by an internal desire to succeed, will and those that don’t, won’t.

Plan your work and work your plan!

The recent victory by the relatively unknown Louis Oostheizen in The Open Golf Championship, highlighted for me the importance of having a game plan and seeing it through. This resulted in a very comfortable victory over the best opposition in the world.

There is a lot we can all learn by adapting his approach within our own businesses. Although we need to be aware of all opportunities, how often are we sidetracked into moving down a different path to that which we started on? It is wise to look into new ways of operating; reducing costs; maximising profit; training staff, as long as it does not take you away from your businesses core beliefs.

The golfer has to be aware of wind strength and direction, firmness of the ground conditions to determine how far the ball will run, whether the shot is up or downhill, the proximity and severity of any hazards and the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome - even before he attempts the shot.

In a similar way, the successful business operator will look into all the outside factors that may affect the business, but will maintain the systems that have proven to be successful – from continuing regular communication with its client base to development of new products to suit the current market trends.

It is no surprise that many successful business owners become successful golfers – with many wishing that they could create more time for their chosen pastime! I have also seen that there are many successful golfers that become successful business owners in their own right by “planning their work and working their plan!”

Stuart Robertson
Head PGA Golf Professional

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