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Comfortable and relaxing, Ufford Park Woodbridge, Hotel, Golf & Spa has everything you could possibly wish for – and more. Set in 120 acres of historic parkland in Suffolk’s most beautiful, peaceful countryside, our premier hotel is just minutes from the county’s heritage coast and a mere ten miles from Ipswich.

Getting ready for sunny Suffolk

It looks as though summer is finally here, so now is the perfect time to start getting in shape. You don’t have to be heading to the beach to work towards that famous ‘beach body’. Losing a few extra pounds or simply toning up will help you to feel confident, radiant and able to enjoy the sun – even if you’re just planning on having a lazy afternoon in a Suffolk beer garden. Below you’ll discover some of the best ways to get ready for the Suffolk sun.

Getting in the right frame of mind

In order to get healthy and stay in shape, you really need to be in the right frame of mind. It takes a lot of will power and dedication to stick to a healthy diet and exercise program. However, the good news is once you start, you will soon start to feel the benefits. With just a few simple changes to your lifestyle, you’ll soon be feeling more comfortable, oozing confidence and that will spur you on to continue.

Start off gradually

Summer may be upon us, but no matter how quickly you want results, you should always start off gradually. If you go from doing no exercise at all to an hour’s intense workout, you will burn out quite quickly and potentially cause yourself a serious injury. What you need to remember is any exercise you do is better than no exercise at all. Brisk walking for example, is a great start.

Hit the gym

Of course, one of the best ways to get ready for summer is to hit the gym. The Ufford Park Woodbridge Health Club has a wide range of activities to suit everyone. The key is to find something you enjoy. Offering a wide range of classes including everything from yoga to circuit training; you will always be made to feel welcome no matter what your fitness level. We are also situated within 120 acres of parkland, providing plenty of space to head out for a run or even a brisk walk around our 2 mile trim trail.

There are so many ways you can get into shape. Getting into the right frame of mind is important. Once you’ve done that, why not head to our luxurious health club and find out just how fun getting in shape can be.

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