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Tips for planning a wedding in Suffolk

If you’re planning a wedding in Suffolk, well, congratulations, because you’ve chosen a beautiful part of the country to get married in. Whether you’re planning a spring, summer or even a winter wedding, we have some great tips for making sure that your wedding plans are as stress-free as they can be.

First things first…

There are some beautiful wedding venues in Suffolk and it’s easy to get excited on first viewing and rush into signing a contract. Our advice is to think carefully about the logistics of your day before you choose the perfect location.  You need to consider all the details; guest numbers, timings, the season you’re getting married in and any special requirements.  A fantastic view is always desirable but not the only consideration.

Get organised

Any married couple will tell you that it doesn’t matter how long you think you’ve got until the wedding day, it’s never long enough. The last thing you need is to find yourself panicking a few months before the big day, so start your planning soon after you announce your engagement and you should have everything covered well in advance.

It’s a good idea to set milestones and specific dates by which you want certain things to be done. So buy yourselves a diary and mark out the dates for things like organising a wedding venue, sending invitations and giving notice – all the important things. It’s helpful to organise as much as you can in the early months to avoid piling on the stress later. This will also leave room for any unforeseen circumstances.

Details, Contracts, and Negotiations

There are usually a lot of different people involved in organising a wedding, so make sure that you keep on top of all the details. Check over every agreement carefully, and make sure that you have everything covered. Be especially careful that all suppliers have the correct dates, times, and locations in their contracts and that you have written confirmation of any changes.

It’s also vital that you read all of the small print, especially if it relates to cancellation policy. If you need to postpone, cancel or change the wedding, you can end up with extra costs if you aren’t careful. Some couples take out wedding insurance just in case something goes wrong – it’s an option.

Share Duties

One of the biggest bugbears of many weddings is that one partner takes on more of the responsibility for organising it than the other, which can lead to arguments. Try to be fair when it comes to who organises which aspects of the wedding, so that nobody feels excluded or put upon.

If you stay on top of the organisation and plan carefully, there’s no reason why planning your big day needs to be stressful!

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