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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice experiences that stimulate the senses!

The Thermal Suite Fire and Ice Experience is based on the ancient ritual of bathing where the body is treated using a series of hot and cooling experiences, guiding your body through a sensory journey with the ultimate aim of inducing deep relaxation. Increasing the core temperature of the body is an excellent way of preparing for individual massage treatments which will be more effective as a result.

Our Fire & Ice Experience is a great way to enjoy the Thermal Suite, Swimming Pool & Gymnasium. It comes in a full day, half day and 2 hour Twilight option with the full and half day options both having the added benefit of a one course light lunch inluded.

Heat Experiences

Hydro Pool

Our Hydro-Pool has four different water-jet stations to massage and manipulate the major muscle groups, easing tension and stress. It features water fountains for shoulder and neck massage and air loungers for full body massage, plus individual jet packs tailored to specific hydrotherapeutic needs.

The Mineral Grotto

This hot steam room uses salts and essences to aid healing and relaxation whilst the curved heated seats leave your body completely relaxed.

Aroma Steam Room

This uses a variety of essences to cleanse the body of impurities and revitalise the mind by inducing a deep state of relaxation. Otherwise known as a Turkish or Roman Steam Bath, this moist heat environment is particularly beneficial to the respiratory system.

Soft Sauna

This is a luxurious, timber chamber combining the traditional pleasures of the Scandinavian sauna with the addition of mood lighting.

Cooling Experiences

It is important to cool down after using one of the heat experiences. Cooling the soft tissues not only moderates your body temperature, but also invigorates the body and stimulates the nerve endings, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

Experience Showers

These showers offer a multi-sensory experience from soft tropical mist to invigorating ice rain designed to help cool the body. A waterfall shower and body shower complete the experience.

Ice Fountain

Gently apply crushed ice onto the body to counterbalance the warming effects of the heat experience.

Foot Baths

These offer a gentle relaxing bath to soothe and stimulate the feet. The perfect way to soak away the stress of a busy day – or round of golf! Complimentary aroma salts are provided for you to use, if you so wish.

Relaxation Area

The Relaxation Room Lie back and relax as you take some time out in the ‘Relaxation Area’, with loungers and fibre optic ceiling illustrating the Solar System. Sip chilled water or have a herbal tea to hydrate as you appreciate the peace and tranquillity. 

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