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Treatments for the Body

Ufford Park Spa has thoroughly tried and tested a number of body treatments to ensure we offer you the best quality, results and enjoyment. To enhance the effects of our body scrubs, wraps and massages your therapist will help you choose the oil best suited to your desired effect whether it’s to feel...

  • relaxed - chill out with the indulgent and relaxing lavender and mint
  • revitalised - enjoy the beautiful and energising lime and mandarin
  • restored - experience the soothing and balancing effects of cashmere and wood.

Sensory Body Scrub

A body scrub is an essential treatment for removing dead skin cells, increasing the circulation and leaving it feeling as soft as silk, revealing a brighter glow to your skin. We use rich grain mineral sea salts mixed with your chosen luxurious, silky smooth oil to exfoliate the skin, stabilise moisture levels and promote skin renewal.

30 minute treatment £33

Sensory Body Wrap

This is an Ufford Park Spa favourite because it nourishes and soothes the skin, cocoons the body and leaves you looking and feeling fantastic. We use one of our luxurious oils and an intensively moisturising body cream which is applied head to toe. As you relax, your therapist will treat you to an indulgent foot OR scalp massage, allowing time for the rich ingredients to take effect. Perfect after a body scrub or before a massage.

30 minute treatment £33

Detoxifying and Clarifying Back Treatment

This treatment creates a visibly refined, clean and even complexion and reduces impurities and redness. We use a volcanic clay mask to deep cleanse the back and stimulate the circulation. We then allow a mineral clay pack to work it’s magic before finishing with a smoothing massage application of moisturising body cream.

30 minute treatment £33

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a firm treatment effective in ironing out any tension in the muscles. This is not for the faint hearted but is for those who are carrying a lot of stress in the back or shoulder area.

30 minute treatment £33

Neck, Shoulders, Face and Scalp Massage

A massage for the shoulders, neck, scalp and pressure point massage on the face. Great for detoxifying the body and releasing tension.

30 minute treatment £33

Hot Stone Back Massage

A highly effective massage using hot stones to soothe and relieve tension deep into your back, neck and shoulders.

30 minute treatment £35

Mum to Be Treat

Relax and be pampered with this luxurious treatment which is safe pre and post pregnancy. The unique complexes in the Advanced Biogen Intensive Repair help reduce and minimise stretch marks and leave you feeling wonderful. The 60 minute treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage, a foot and leg mask/treatment and a mini facial. (Please note this treatment is for those past their 12th week of pregnancy.) Why not indulge further and book a manicure or pedicure too?

30 or 60 minute treatment £35/£65

Raindrop Massage

A warming, relaxing treatment that will leave you feeling as good as you do after walking through tropical rainfall. Your therapist will slowly drip essential oils along your spine and backs of the legs before performing a relaxing massage and applying warm compresses. This massage is particularly appropriate if you suffer from backache.

30 minute treatment £33

60 minute full body treatment £59

Sensory Body Massage

A massage tailored to your desired outcome (relaxed, revitalised or restored) through a combination of your chosen silky smooth, nourishing massage oil and the pressure applied with kneading, rolling motions and pressure point massage. This invigorating massage relieves muscular aches bringing physical and psychological equilibrium with highly effective, noticeable effects on the skin, radiance and mental wellbeing.

60 minute treatment £59

Sensory Body Massage with Lava Stones

Imagine the warmth of sun kissed pebbles on a beach as heated, smooth lava stones are incorporated into this relaxing massage. After enveloping the body in the chosen warm, therapeutic massage oil, our therapists work their magic on tired muscles to bring a sense of calm and deep down muscle relaxation.

60 minute treatment £59

Detoxifying and Clarifying Body Treatment

This treatment creates a visibly refined, clean and even complexion and reduces impurities and redness. We use mineral salts to deep cleanse the back and stimulate the circulation. We then allow a thermo-mineral clay pack to work its magic before finishing the treatment with a soothing massage application of moisturising body cream.

60 minute treatment £65

Anti-cellulite Firming Treatment

Say goodbye to cellulite and uneven skin tone with this detoxifying and firming treatment. After an invigorating salt exfoliation and stimulating massage, our wraps, whose active ingredients help to promote the microcirculation and create an intense sensation of warmth, are applied to localised areas. Your skin will be left feeling softer, smoother and firmer. Try it and the results will  keep you coming back for more!

60 minute treatment £65

Mud Serail Bath

Mud is used to exfoliate and nourish the skin, followed by approximately 20 minutes in the herbal steam chamber to allow the mud to work its wonders, before a tropical rain shower cleanses and induces pure relaxation.  A therapist will be on hand to apply the mud or you are welcome to apply it yourself. Afterwards you can enjoy 90 minutes in the Thermal Suite Spa.

45 minute treatment £45 (one person)

45 minute treatment £80 (two people)

Hammam Treatments

Relax in absolute humidity whilst being treated by a therapist for any of the following highly effective treatments:

Hammam Volcanic Exfoliation

The body is invigorated using a body brush then exfoliated and smoothed using a body peeling cream. The skin is then treated with a vitamin rich moisturiser which is massaged in.

30 minute treatment – £33

Hammam Aroma Hydrating Wrap

The body is invigorated using a body brush, then a body mask is applied and you are wrapped up, while a soothing scalp massage is performed. This mask is removed by a shower and the treatment is finished by having the full body moisturised.

30 minute treatment – £33

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