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It's All about Jessica Nails!

As a beauty therapist, I have seen a change in the last year from what
we call in the business 'normal manicures' to Gel manicures. This is a
trend that all my colleagues are seeing too. I guess this is mainly to
do with the ease for the client, because with Gel nails the 'varnish'
is dry the second they leave the salon, meaning no smudgy
accidents. In my opinion, Gel nails are a happy medium between a
natural manicure which can be easily damaged and acrylic nails which
can look very fake and damage the actual nail bed.

There are quite a few brands of Gel nails available such as OPI and
Shellac but I like to use the Jessica range called Geleration. This is partly
because I like the Jessica brand, as it is a specific nail care brand
that focuses on nail care, but also because with Jessica I see an instant
result from treatments. Even the most neglected hands and feet can go
home looking like new!

What's lovely about Geleration is that it is very hard wearing and
can last for 2-3 weeks. I really like the durability and I personally
think it makes it really good value for money - especially as it is
really quick to do with a manicure taking as little as half an hour.

To make sure nails are impossible to smudge each layer of varnish is
put under the LED Lamp - this is such a brilliant advancement to
manicuring and I think that regular manicures will go out of the
window because gel nails look so natural - its a great way for those
who bite their nails too as it will protect the nail from teeth and
allow the nail to grow. As the popularity of Gel nails grows, so does
the selection of colours. Jessica does everything from the traditional
French and pinks to electric blues and blacks – there really is a colour to
suit everyone.

The downside with gel nails would be that they have to be soaked off
BUT it does not damage the nail and it does not require excessive
filling. Also you can buy a kit to remove the nails at home saving
money and time as you don't have to come in to have them taken off -
which to me is a bonus!

Anna Haselwood
Head Beauty Therapist at Ufford Park Woodbridge Hotel, Golf & Spa

Gel Nail Manicure - 1 hour £30
Gell Nail Pedicure - 1 hour £35
Gel Nail Re-shape & Paint on hand or feet - 30 minutes £20

To book please call 01394 386449

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