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Hole by Hole, Step by Step


It’s the first week of Spring and now is a great time to dig out the clubs and start doing a little work in preparation for the warmer weather, longer days and the start of the 2014 golf season.  We thought we would compile a step by step of each of our 18 holes here at Ufford Park for those of you who perhaps have never been to see us, but also perhaps some tips for our members to help improve your game!

Hole 1
465 yards, par 5
A gentle opener with room down the right. Longer hitters may go for the green in two, while the more conservative will lay up short or left of middle bunker, relying on a pitch and a putt for their birdie chance.

Hole 2
344 yards, par 4
An accurate tee shot to the fairway will be rewarded with a shot to the green, beware of the trees to the left and reservoir coming into play on the right. Green tilts from front to back, can be difficult to hold during the summer months.

Hole 3
138 yards, par 3
An innocuous, short par three with lots of trouble around the green. The ideal line is slightly right as balls tend to bounce left on landing. A double level green makes two putting for a par a little more challenging. Make a careful note of wind direction as the tee can be sheltered.

Hole 4
383 yards, par 4
Only a long straight tee shot allows the chance to be on in two, much easier to play as a short par five. Second shot likely to be played from uneven lie to a green that is almost surrounded by sand. Green slopes from back to front so be firm if you have finished short of the flag but very gentle from the back.

Hole 5
390 yards, par 4
Downhill par 4 with generous fairway. Tee shots level or past oak tree will give good opportunity to be on green in two. Bunker is deceptively short of green but any ball landing over it will find its way onto the green. Very little room behind green as it falls away sharply into a pond.

Hole 6
567 yards, par 5
Only the longest hitters will reach this in three. Tee shot played to a sloping fairway where many balls finish in left hand bunker. After second shot if you go for green be aware of depth of front bunker, a lay up past tree but short of bunkers will give a straight forward pitch and putt for a par - will feel like a birdie on this hole. Green slopes from back to front.

Hole 7
333 yards, par 4
Nothing hidden from the tee, carry over oak tree if you can or play to the left as fairway can slope to the right towards the bunkers. Approach shot is better being slightly short as will usually run on. If you go long or left here it will leave a very tricky up and down.

Hole 8
373 yards, par 4
A good tee shot will start at the middle tree and curve to the right avoiding the Out of Bounds. Second shot will be over a pond to a double level green which slopes severely from back to front. May be worth laying up if not in great shape after tee shot as double bogeys can be quite common here.

Hole 9
361 yards, par 4
A tee shot aimed to far bunker is ideal and will give a sight of the green around the end fir tree as anything left can be blocked out. Green slopes from right to left and can be tricky to hold when the conditions run faster.

Hole 10
171 yards, par 3
Distance control is key to hit a very narrow green with bunker behind and pond in front. Green slopes from back to front particularly on left hand side with many short iron shots spinning back off green towards the pond. Make three here and run the next tee.

Hole 11
340 yards, par 4
Dog-leg to left with ditch running down left hand side and across the fairway which slopes to the right, makes for a difficult tee shot. Ideal line is between the two sets of terraced houses to leave a short iron uphill to a double level green.

Hole 12
195 yards, par 3
Long par three with large bunker to left. Green slopes from left to right and from back to front. A tee shot finishing short and right will have a good chance of a pitch and putt for a par.

Hole 13
286 yards, par 4
Almost driveable par 4 but lots of trouble left and OOB to the right mean an iron may be a safer tee shot. Approach shot to a raised green will need to be well struck to avoid running through the back.

Hole 14
328 yards, par 4
Downhill par 4 with fairway sloping to right and a pond in front of green. Often an iron or fairway wood will be enough to set up a short iron approach. Green is flanked by bunkers and slopes from back to front. An approach too bold will leave a tough pitch from behind the green.

Hole 15
243 yards, par 4
Classic risk and reward hole. Driveable par 4 but needs to carry 200+ yards onto the green over a pond. Sensible tee shot is over the tree to the right with mid iron to leave a short iron in. Need to be accurate with pitch as sloping green can cause balls to spin back towards pond. Putts are very quick from back of green toward pond.

Hole 16
140 yards, par 3
No real option on this but to hit the green as ponds, sand and trees await your ball. If you find the green be aware that it slopes severely from back to front so a three is not a formality here.

Hole 17
450 yards, par 4
This plays as a par 5 to all but the longest of hitters. Tee shot needs to be kept close to left hand bunker as fairway slopes to right. Second shot is played uphill either to the two mounds for the average hitters or between them for the longer players. The largest green on the course means that even if you have found it in two it could take three more before you finish.

Hole 18
513 yards, par 5
A straight, downhill long par 5 with a wide fairway. Second shot will be played into a bowl area. Approaches need to be accurate to avoid ponds that are short, long and to the right with a stream to the left to catch anything too safe. Sometimes better to lay up with third and try your luck with chip and putt. Three tier green is long and sloped from back to front.

Good luck and let us know your feedback of the course!

Memberships for Ufford Park Golf Club start from as little as £180.

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