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Top tips for the perfect marriage proposal

Having a plan of action for proposing to your loved one is very important and should never be underestimated. The moment you propose will alter the direction of your relationship forever and you want to get it right!

By creating the perfect proposal you will ensure you have done the very best you can and this will be noticed by your partner too.

Getting married is a tradition unifying two individuals in their journey of life to commit to each other and share their lives together, equally there are certain traditions associated with the proposal too.

Read our top 10 tips to find out more:

  1. Do your research first! Have a few casual discussions about marriage and proposals, check out the scene. This may give you a few ideas as to how creative or personal you want to make it, as well as if the proposal is a good idea.
  2. Ask...! Traditionally, a man always asked the bride’s father for her hand in marriage. Times have changed but it’s probably a cool idea to gain the family’s blessing. This shows respect and will mean a lot to both the family and the bride to be.
  3. Location. Choose a special place, something that holds memories for you both or somewhere out of the ordinary with beautiful views making it an extra special memory. Give yourself some privacy and space, away from home.
  4. Choose a ring to propose with. You will be taken seriously and it shows your commitment. The ring should be something that you think your fiancé will like, again referring to tip 1 – research!
  5. Think about your words, explaining your reasons why you would like to get married to them, how they make you feel and how you know they are ‘the one’, that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Be genuine and speak from the heart, this moment will be cherished forever. If you’re nervous about saying this or fluffing your lines, write it in a card or a poem or even a song.
  6. Choose a special time, it could be combined with another notable day such as Christmas Eve, New Years Eve or Valentine’s Day. This way you will always remember the date of the proposal, making that day extra special with even more reasons to celebrate.
  7. Get down on one knee, kneeling down on one knee shows respect, honour and trust. This will show your partner just how committed you are.
  8. Make it personal to your fiancée, what are their passions and interests? Adding that extra personal touch will mean so much more and show how thoughtful you can be. It will also make it unique.  
  9. Go public or stay private? Traditionally a marriage proposal is an intimate moment alone, but depending on your partner you may wish to go public and enlist the help of others. A waiter could bring out a dish with the words ‘will you marry me?’ on the plate for example.  
  10. Plan the rest of your day, you will of course want to celebrate if the answer is yes! Plan the evening, perhaps by going for a meal, celebrating with a glass of champagne. Create the perfect end to a perfect day, whilst caught up in the giddiness of love and the relief at pulling off the perfect proposal.
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