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Five of the best wedding proposals

From the simple, “Will you marry me?”, dropped into conversation; to the romantic dinner, flowers, ring and music accompanied, down on one knee full blown event, wedding proposals are a very personal matter.

However there are some people who take wedding proposals to epic proportions, often involving a lot more people than just the intended romantic partner. These proposals hit the headlines and get talked about across the world. Here are 5 wedding proposals that hit the headlines.

The 365 day wedding proposal

Dean Smith decided to video asking his girlfriend Jen to marry him, every day for 365 days and then gave her the video on her birthday. Every day he videoed himself with a whiteboard asking her to marry him, that he loved her, that she was the best thing in his life. Then, he set the video to music, and on a beach in Aruba she was handed the video to watch. The video went viral on the internet!

Some people did not find it romantic but it made many cry.

The Balloon Proposal

Tom decided to ask his girlfriend Carrie to marry him but wanted to remind her of their romantic journey too. He wrote notes, poems and anecdotes of their life together, and put them inside white balloons which he then placed around their house, together with roses and candles. When Carrie came home he handed her a pin to pop the balloons. She went round the house reading his notes of love until she arrived at the last balloon that contained his proposal note and a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Flash Mob Times Square, New York

Scottish goalkeeper Sean Murdoch popped the question to his girlfriend Charissa Ferguson in Times Square with the help of some talented dancers from New York City's Broadway Dance Center and the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. She realised something was afoot when Sean joined in the dance and then in front of the crowds went down on one knee and produced the ring.

Twitter Proposal

Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepherd via Twitter

@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo
#marriageequality #loveislove 

Perhaps not the most romantic way to do it, but certainly a public way to let the world know you love someone!

Treasure Hunt

This is an idea many would be proposes use- clues hidden around the house, the garden, the local park. What is lovely about this idea is how each clue can be so personal and you can leave small gifts along the way until the final treasure which is of course the engagement ring!

Favourite time of year to propose

If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one this year, it would seem according to a recent survey, that Christmas Eve is a favoured time to do so. This is then followed by Valentine’s Day and then Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. If you are planning a wedding in 2016 don’t forget to get in touch with our experienced and friendly wedding team here at Ufford Park.

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