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The Magic of Jazz

Have you experienced the magic of Jazz?

Jazz music has an extraordinary history of growing from social deprivation into a music form loved by all ages and all social groups. Jazz musicians tend to be highly talented and very committed to their art. A great deal of jazz contains improvisation and no one tune sounds the same when played by different artists which is a large part of its appeal. Jazz can be very complex and at the same time, hauntingly simple when stripped back to a single instrument. It is also a very sociable music with a history of being played in clubs and dens and small environments where people meet, chat, eat and listen.

If you want to get a flavour of jazz music, check out these 5 top jazz pieces and you will truly get an idea of how diverse this music is.

  1. “So What” – Miles Davis
  2. “My Favorite Things” – John Coltrane
  3. “Take Five” – Dave Brubeck
  4. “Birdland” – Weather Report
  5. “Strange Fruit” – Billie Holiday

Join us for the magic of Jazz on a Friday

Here at Ufford Park we are delighted to be able to bring you Friday jazz evenings,

  • 6th May
  • 3rd June
  • 1st July
  • 5th August

The featured musician is Mr Tim a highly experienced saxophonist who has been playing jazz in the Suffolk area for over 45 years. Jazz is definitely a lifetime musical commitment for the professional jazz musician.

This is a free event and a great way to relax with friends and family, listening to the mellow sounds of the saxophone. Why not make an evening of it by joining us for supper in our Meeting Place Bar?

What is so special about jazz?

If you have not experienced jazz music then now is the time…it is such an important part of musical history it seems a shame not to at least give it a listen. So, what is jazz? Why does it cause so much controversy among musicians and music lovers alike? There is a great definition of Jazz from an authoritative book on the subject, “Jazz” by John Fordham. He captures the nature and spirit of jazz beautifully in a simple sentence: "It is the sound of the skipped heart-beat, the caught breath, the sudden smile."

Jazz lovers would say that jazz reflects life, its ups and downs, triumphs and heartbreaks. Others say that it is mellow, soothing, relaxing and also uplifting. Jazz can be gentle, or it can be very upbeat and energizing. Good jazz is very, very, rarely boring! Certainly it is a music genre that attracts and requires very talented musicians as it is not easy to play jazz.

Try the magic of jazz for free

Our Friday jazz evenings are free, part of our desire to bring you great events to enjoy with friends and family. If you really want to have a complete night off why not make a night of it and receive our BEST AVAILABLE RATES for your accommodation.

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