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The dizzy heights of superior service

Regular visitors to Ufford Park maybe aware that we offer free wi-fi throughout the building.

Recently, we were presented with an opportunity to improve our broadband service through our long-time web and internet providers at Rade.

When we signed up for our upgraded service, little did our Managing Director Tarnia Robertson know that it would be giving more than just our broadband speed ‘a lift’!

Photo over looking part of the golf course

During the installation process, a cherry-picker was used to mount and align the dish for optimum reception – Tarnia was given the opportunity to go up in the cherry-picker and it seems all went well! 

Tarnia writes…

Driving range
"The reason for going up was to check the alignment of the dish. I’ve never been in a cherry picker before; unsurprising really as I’m absolutely terrified of heights but I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity.”

“It was a beautiful, cloudless day, the sun was out, the sky a bright blue and we seemed to be headed straight for it.”

“As we went up, the wind seemed to build and I just clung on harder and harder but oddly, at the full height of 60 feet (and take my word for it, it looks a VERY long way down), the wind just seemed to settle.”

“Thank goodness too, because I was desperate to take some photos. The view over the golf course and the Deben Valley was breath-taking and I’d have kicked myself if I didn’t take at least a couple – but of course, I had to let go of the rail to get my camera out!”

Car park"Also lovely to see the whole hotel site in its glory, where the new Adventure Golf Course will be, even the car park looking so smart with its new layer of tarmac (the most recent aerial photos that we have are before the car park was re-covered – sad but true!)”

"Back down on the ground, I was ecstatic that I’d done it, not only a little ‘self-achievement’ but also having the opportunity to immerse myself in such beautiful surroundings albeit for a short time.”

So if the cherry-picker is ever there again and you can see ‘a tiny dot in a basket’ up there at 60 feet, it might just be our MD taking in the view again!

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