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Staying with a baby in a hotel

Teddy bear mobile over a cradleLife with a baby is stressful enough without the thought of taking them on an overnight trip away from home. If you are going on a trip however, one of the most stress-free methods of travelling is to use professional hotels which are equipped for dealing with babies, as well as taking heed of some sage advice.  

Here are some tips to help you on your visit to a hotel with your baby. 

1. Ring ahead.

Make sure you call to check the hotel facilities when it comes to baby and toddler provision. Check that you have the opportunity to use a bath, high chair, changing provisions and if they supply cots or other items you’ll need, so you know what to bring and what you can leave at home.  

2. Book as big a room as you can.

When you are sleeping or living in the same room as a baby it's essential that you get a little bit of time to yourself as well. As you’ll know, light sleepers might wake easily if the TV or lights are on, so if you can get a suite or larger room it is in your best interest to do so.  

If a suite isn’t an option, look for a corner or sheltered area of the room when you can place your baby which will be more protected from noise and light. Sometimes a large cupboard can be suitable (we've had guests tell us this!).  

3. Request a quiet room, fan or bring a white noise machine.

As above, your baby may be sleeping at awkward times and not everyone will be on the same schedule, so try to request a room in the quietest area of the hotel or ask if they can provide a fan. Fans are excellent devices for white noise, which can help to cancel out loud or sharp environmental sounds. Or, if you have a white noise machine bring that along. Familiar sounds can be comforting and help your little one to settle.  

4. Request extra towels, pillows and rubbish bags!

This doesn’t need further explanation – babies can be messy, and sometimes bigger people are as well!  

5. Make good use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger

For the same reason that you may request a quiet room, use the door hanger on the outside of your room to ensure that your little one’s nap isn’t disturbed.  

Give us a call on 01394 383555 and we’ll help make your stay with your baby as smooth as possible. 

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