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SWR app form 2

Personal Details

As you have answered ‘no’ above, you must answer these questions:

Education & Professional Qualifications

All relevant qualifications. Please also indicate subjects currently being studied. All qualifications disclosed will be subject to a satisfactory check.

Training Courses Attended

Training courses that you have attended or details of courses that you are currently undertaking, together with the date completed or to be completed.

Employment History

Please record below the details of your full employment history beginning with your current or most recent first. If required, please provide additional information regarding your employment history within the 'Supporting Information' section.

Employment Gaps

If you have any gaps within your employment history, please state the reasons for the gaps below.


Please provide the names and full contact details of the people who have agreed to supply references. References must include at least two positions with separate employers and, as a minimum, cover a period of three years employment and/or training history, where this is possible.

Referees will be required to comment on your competence, personal qualities and suitability for the post. This may be your line/department manager, or someone in a position of responsibility for any work experience or placement undertaken. If you are a student or trainee this should include a teacher/tutor at your education institution.

If you have not been in employment for a considerable amount of time but have had previous employment, then you should seek one reference from your last known employer and a personal reference from a person of standing within your community such as a doctor, solicitor or MP. Where it is genuinely not possible to obtain references from any of the sources outlined above, you must provide contact details of two personal acquaintances who would be willing to give a reference. Personal acquaintances must not be related to you or have any financial arrangement with you.

Please note that all reference requests will be followed up and verified by the recruiting employer.

Referees may be approached prior to interview, unless you indicate otherwise.

Supporting Information

In this section please give your reasons for applying for this post and additional information which demonstrates that you have read the published person specification and how you meet the essential and (where relevant) desirable criteria for this particular position. This can include relevant skills, knowledge, experience, voluntary activities, training etc.

You can upload your CV here
Additional Personal Information

Show us you're human

By clicking submit I declare the information in this form is true and complete. I agree that any deliberate omission, falsification or misrepresentation in the application form will be grounds for rejecting this application or subsequent dismissal if employed by the organisation.


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